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Riso Colours

Riso Printing

What is riso?

Risograph printing is a unique eco-friendly way of printing. It’s perfect for anything from art prints to flyers for your business. The way it works is not too far from the process of screen printing.We build your image with layers of color, sometimes running the paper through our printer more than once to get it just right.


We use a 2-color Riso printer and have 11 colors to choose from. Our studio also has a cutting machine, a folder-stapler, and a binder for finishing touches.


We offer several binding styles, including sewn, tape, and bound. We can help make them all happen may it be working with an external source or in-house

How to Send Your Design

Send each color as a separate grayscale JPEG, with at least 300 DPI resolution for A3 size. We also accept PSD files in black and white. Just name each layer clearly, and we're good to go

What can we print?


For more information about our services, please contact us at: hey@jumbo-press.com