The way risograph works is not to far from the process of screen printing. An image is sent to the machine then burnt on to a master, which is wrapped around a print drum. The drum then rotates at a high speed and pushes ink through the screen, giving you that amazing photocopy/screenprint asethetic. We at Jumbo have a top of line MZ770E printer this machine can print two colors in one pass. We be there from process, helping give tips and expertise on how to finish your materials at top quality.

Here’s a quick guide on how to prepare you artwork


Please send high quality gray scale images at 300-600 DPI. These images will need to separated into different files for each color. No indesign or photoshop files as these don’t tend to registrate very well. Also, try to send text as a text file and avoid using text below 7pt . Also, avoid large areas of block color where possible as it can lead to paper jams. 

    Riso Quirks

Part of the charm of riso is the quirks. The Riso is not perfect like other printers but these quirky aspect are part of love for the machine. Printing many colors can lead to little marks such as roller and pick off needle marks.  


Although we have a two pass riso the registration is not always perfect. Bare this in mind, especially when wanting to print more than one color. You can use techniques such as trapping to reduce misregistration. There’s some good videos on youtube on trapping, but personally I don’t mind when it’s a little off and it’s more to be concerned for when using a few colors.  


When printing a full bleed image please include at least a 5 mm margin of overlap to allow for trimming. The Risograph itself cannot print full bleed. On an A3 print there will be a 5mm border meaning the maximum printable are is 287 x 410 mm. Should you want to produce a full bleed A3 print however, we are always able to cut down the print to be full bleed


We print on predomimnantly recycled papers. We stock a range of top quality papers such as cyclus offset and can also order in specifics for certain jobs or even print using your paper if you want!